• Customised grommets
    • ₱2,250.00
      You already have a DNA European bead but would like to have it framed with customised grommets in high quality metal? It's possible!  Grommets have 5mm inner hole and are compatible with most Pandora  / Pandora-style bracelets.  Your grommets can be customised with inscription of your choice in max of 15 symbols.  Please leave your customisation text in the NOTE...
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    • Extra Mala Bead
    • ₱2,500.00
      Make your Mala bracelet even more meaningful by adding another DNA bead!  Diameter: 10 cm Inclusion (Choose 3) Breastmilk, Umbilical cord, Hair, Nails, Placenta powder, Cremation Ashes, Milk teeth, Wedding dress, Flower petal, Others It is assumed that your inclusions such as umbilical cord (whole or partial), miscarriage remains, placenta piece are already in dehydrated form and ready for jewellery making....
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    • Dehydration
    • ₱1,500.00
        You may need to avail of dehydration service if the inclusion you would like to incorporate in your DNA keepsake is still in raw form.  Possible examples of inclusions that require dehydration:     - complete or partial umbilical cord (you can ask the cord to be given to you by your birth medical team)  - a piece of placenta...
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