• Heart Charm
    • ₱3,500.00
      Heart design says it all! This is your piece representing the love you have inside your hear for your dear ones!  Height: 20mm Width: 15mm Can be worn as a charm or as pendant.    Grommets options:  Silver-plated (plain) Sterling silver or 14k yellow, rose or white gold (with customised inscription)   The inscription may contain name or date or...
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    • Dangle Charm
    • ₱1,500.00
      Keep your memories alive by having them close to you wherever you are! Diameter: 10 mm Silver or gold-plated bead cap with a removable claw clasp. Can also be worn as a pendant. Inclusion (Choose 1-3) Breastmilk, Umbilical cord, Hair, Nails, Placenta powder, Cremation Ashes, Milk teeth, Wedding dress, Flower petal, Others It is assumed that your inclusions such as umbilical...
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