My name is Irina Otmakhova-Yamat, a certified Childbirth Doula (CBI), and I am the creator behind the precious DNA keepsakes.




I have been professionally involved in the field of women's health and rights for nearly a decade before becoming a mother myself. My first hand experience taught me what it takes to navigate the present day maternity system to achieve a natural birth wherein mother's choice are honoured and respected. Coming out of my own first birth experience, I pursued Childbirth Doula (CBI) certification in order to assist mothers and their families to plan out their birth preferences and to help them achieve joyful, balanced, and pleasurable births. 


To the present moment, I have attended  nearly two hundreds births assembling a wealth of experience, nuanced understanding and sixth sense for each and every unravelling birth scenario. I am an avid learner, who is always on the lookout for the latest evidence based research in support of informed birth decisions.
For more information about natural home birth, please contact me thru consciousbirthmanila@gmail.com or visit my website www.consciousbirthmanila.com.


Sacred Elements Jewellery was started in 2016 when I began receiving requests to preserve little one’s umbilical cords alongside my placenta encapsulation and childbirth doula work. Shortly after, the requests extended to creating memorabilia with mother’s breastmilk, loved ones’ hair, and other personal elements which include DNA and beyond. Whether it is your breastmilk, cremation ashes of a beloved family member, pregnancy test strips, or your pet’s fur - the variety and possibilities are endless - what matters is that those elements are SACRED for you because they represent the people or experiences you hold dear in your heart. All of them can be made into tangible pieces of wearable art. 



Over the years we have created over one thousand special DNA love laced jewellery pieces. While we are proud of our signature, Love Capsule designs, each year we strive to introduce new designs for pendants, lockets, rings, bracelets, and charms to meet the increasing demand for unique personalised jewellery. 


We hope to create your unique piece with your Sacred Elements soon!