To help you create truly unique and timeless pieces of DNA keepsake jewelry a wide range of shimmers and sparkles is available to choose from. Shimmers will give your piece a general color tone, while sparkles will accentuate your inclusion and give more depth and sophistication to your piece. The range of combinations of shimmers and sparkles is literally endless!

Shimmers in the sample drops are present in a concentrated amount for the sake of color intensity. Less shimmer can be used to create the actual keepsake pieces to preserve the transparency while providing enough color to give your piece a unique color theme.

Sparkle flecks have holographic nature and shine in a range of color aspects depending on the angle. Color sparkles can be beautifully combined with gold, silver and copper leaves and shimmers.

Accents can be incorporated to give your piece a deeper meaning or additional depth of color, contrast or shine. 




Sparkle Flecks