Please carefully read through FAQ section as they serve as official guidelines and terms for orders processing. It is client's responsibility to read through this section in order to prevent any misunderstanding or grievances. 

Do get in touch with us through contact page or social media accounts if you need any clarifications. 

How do I customise my piece?

Choose your design, decide on the type of inclusions you would like to be preserved and on the colour of sparkle and / or shimmers you would like me to use for your piece.

Feel free to email me a sketch of how you would like your piece to look like or any pegs from my previous work. Though I can’t guarantee a literal
and exact execution, I do take into consideration all your preferences. If something is not doable, I will advise on the alternatives.

Do you take international orders?

Only if you are ok paying around 60 USD for the international shipping fee. Unfortunately there are no cost effective options in The Philippines for international shipping unlike from USA, Europe or Australia. I hope this will change soon. If you have connection to The Philippines through friends or relatives, having your item shipped to their Philippines-based address might
be an option.


Can I have several inclusions in one piece?

Yes, multiple inclusions can be accommodated in one piece. As a rule not more than three different inclusions to avoid a crowded look! 

Does my milk have to be frozen?

Fresh, frozen, expired, high in lipase, years in the freezer – I can work with ANY milk ;)

How do I know if it’s my milk or inclusions?

I take great pride in my unique preservation method while creating your handmade keepsakes and stay true to my work ethics as a business
owner. If something goes wrong during the preservation process, I inform my clients and we work it out together the next steps.

What material is being used to create the keepsakes?

I work with the highest-grade jewellery resin to encapsulate your DNA elements.  All metal is guaranteed nickel free. For customised settings made of silver and gold I partner with a local goldsmith to create your customised pieces.

Will my piece look the same as in the catalogue / website?

Each piece is handmade and therefore will always be one of a kind. Your piece is created with your own unique inclusions and therefore cannot be re-created or duplicated.

Can I cancel my order?

Once the order has been placed and paid the order cannot be canceled. Your order has been scheduled and the necessary setting for your piece has been ordered.

If you have a change of plans or no longer sure about the specifics of your order, your order can be put on hold and you will be issued store credit for the amount you paid. You can redeem your store credit once you are ready to proceed with your order or convert into a gift certificate.

How do I take care of my DNA keepsake jewellery?

Just as you would any other valuable jewellery. Do not use any harsh chemicals, or soaps to clean your jewellery. Do not get your jewellery wet, this includes showering with your jewellery on. Do not leave your jewellery in the
sun or heat. If it is left in the sun it may slightly yellow over time.

If your piece is made with sterling silver, keep in mind that silver naturally tarnishes over time and can be polished with a soft polishing cloth. I do not recommend sizing after your piece is complete as it will not withstand the heat.

Are you offering repairs?

Please contact me at within 5 days of receiving your jewellery with the description and photos of what is at fault.
If it is found to be something that is at fault on our end, we will require you to ship your piece back to us for a full inspection and repair within 3

Any item which is to be at fault of the customer (e.g. accidental damage, incorrect ring size) we agree to take a look and help you find a solution to repair this at the customer’s expense.

Kindly note that DNA keepsake jewellery is individually hand-crafted. As any hand-crafted piece of jewellery it might contain minor
imperfections unique to each piece such as trapped bubbles of air in the resin stones or light scratches on the metal resulting from the excess
resin removal.

Do you send back the remaining inclusions?

Yes, any unused dry materials such as cremation ashes, umbilical cords, fabrics, dried flowers etc will be send back to the customer.

What do you do with the remaining milk?

We clearly label the preserved milk and store for 6 months after your order has been sent home. This ensures a safety net in case you would like to order again and work from a low milk supply.

Is there any deadline on sending the inclusions?

As much as possible do send your inclusions shortly after placing of your order (1-2 weeks). Inclusions need to be sent within the maximum of two months upon placing of your order. If no inclusions have been received within the two months period, your order will be cancelled and your payment will be converted into store credit.

Processing Time

The processing time highly depends on your chosen design. Here are the general guidelines:

European beads with silver-plated or copper grommets, Dangle Charm, Mala bracelet, Rosary, “Heritage” male bracelet, “Treasure” cuff links, “Soul” Crystal, “Circle of Love” ring, “Drop of Love”, “Full Heart” and “Mother and Child” lockets – 2-4 weeks from the arrival of your inclusions.

All orders with sterling silver settings and /or with customised engraving – 10-12 weeks from the arrival of your inclusions.

All orders in 14k gold (white, yellow, rose) – 12- 15 weeks from the arrival of your inclusions.

Due to pandemic the processing time might be longer because of unpredictability of imposed restrictions. 


Tips for Shipping the Inclusions

Hair 1-1.5 inch of roughly 20 hair strands is needed for one jewellery piece. If possible seal the curl with a drop of candle wax on one end to keep the curl in one piece and prevent spreading of individual hair strands inside the plastic bag.

Breast milk – milk can be freshly expressed or from your frozen stash. If you have frozen milk that is ready to expire you can perfectly use it for jewellery as it no longer needs to be of drinkable quality. Store your milk inside a proper breast milk storage bag (preferably double), put it inside a small plastic container and seal it with the tape or bubble wrap before putting it into the shipping envelop. 1 oz or 20 ml of breast milk is needed to be preserved safely. It is enough to be used for multiple pieces.

Ashes – approximately 1 teaspoon is needed, but it can be even less. Please store in a small plastic bag with a ziplock.

Placenta powder – If you have had your placenta encapsulated, only 2 capsules are needed for a jewellery piece. If you did not have placenta encapsulated prior to commissioning your DNA keepsake, a small piece of placenta needs to be dehydrated first at additional charge. Dehydration service can be availed here 

Umbilical cordIt is up to you if you want to send the entire piece of just a few particles of the umbilical cord stamp depending on how you want it to be incorporated in the design. 

Nail clippingsPlace the nail clippings inside a small transparent plastic bag. Please refrain from wrapping the nail clippings inside a napkin, toilet paper tissue (they can be lost during the unwrapping) or sticking them on the scotch tape (it is very hard to take them off the tape).

Where will I send my inclusions? 

Ship your inclusions in double lock plastic bags labeled with your name to:

Sacred Elements Jewellery / 09279146955 /
27 Mahiyain, Teachers’ Village East, Quezon City

You can ship through any courier or the same day delivery services such as Grab or Lalamove. Choose the pin "Sacred Elements". Please consult through text message if anyone is available to receive the items if opting for the same day delivery services.

As much as possible try not to send everything you have as there’ve been instances that packages were lost in shipping, damaged or breast milk being spilt on the rest of the inclusions. It is advisable to save part of your  DNA and non-DNA elements for back up purposes. 

You will receive an acknowledgement email within one week upon the arrival of your inclusions.