Product Description


You may need to avail of dehydration service if the inclusion you would like to incorporate in your DNA keepsake is still in raw form. 

Possible examples of inclusions that require dehydration: 


 - complete or partial umbilical cord (you can ask the cord to be given to you by your birth medical team)

 - a piece of placenta (you can inform your medical team about your preferences to bring placenta home) 

 - pregnancy remains / miscarriage material 


If you don't see your inclusion on this list, do get in touch with us to discuss your case individually. 


In general it is preferable that your raw material is as is / fresh / refrigerated or frozen. If your elements has been immersed in formalin, it is still possible to dehydrate, but less preferable for our team, since formaldehyde is a toxic chemical. 

If you have an opportunity to plan the dehydration in advance, please request your medical team to keep your element formalin / chemicals free and refrigerate before handing it over to you. 

If any questions, please reach out to us through the contact form. 

Upon completion of your order, include more information on the material to be dehydrated into the NOTES section of your order or in your customisation form. 

 If you consider placenta encapsulation after birth, you can avail of this service here




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