Tree of Life Statement Pendant

Product Description

A piece that will remind you of the beauty of life, from the unforgettable moment it sprouts and the journey it takes. 

Statement pendant to pass on through generations. 

Stone height: 25 mm Total height: 63 mm Solid back

Inclusion (Choose 1-3)

Breastmilk, Umbilical cord, Hair, Nails, Placenta powder, Cremation Ashes, Milk teeth, Wedding dress, Flower petal, Others

It is assumed that your inclusions such as umbilical cord (whole or partial), miscarriage remains, placenta piece are already in dehydrated form and ready for jewellery making. If your inclusion is still in its raw form (soft and with retained liquid), you can avail of professional dehydration service by adding it to your cart. NOTE: umbilical cord stumps that fall of naturally from the baby's navel are already fully dehydrated. No additional dehydration is necessary. 

Shimmer (Choose 1-2)

Grey lavender, Pink Gold, Powder, Green pearl, Olive, Violet, Sky blue, Mint, Dusty rose, Cherry, Purple, Copper, Bronze, Yellow gold, Orange Golden

Sparkle (Choose 1-2)

Opal Shine, Light Violet, Light Pink, Light Blue, Yellow Citrine, Shiny Charcoal, Aquamarine, Royal Blue, Ruby Red, Dense Purple, Deep Green

Accent (Choose 1-2)

Silver leaf, Gold leaf, Copper leaf, Antique gold leaf, Diamond dust, Gold dust, Heart, Star, Flower, Custom


For your chosen inclusion/s, shimmer, and sparkle, please fill out the form through the link provided in the confirmation email you will receive upon check out. If you do not receive an email, you may reach us at



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